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How we advocate Mental Health and wellbeing

May 2021

How we advocate Mental Health and wellbeing

In the next chapter of our ongoing blog series, we share how Credit Style considers employee mental health in its operations and the ongoing efforts of the business to encourage positive wellbeing conversations.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, mental health awareness has been more prevalent in many people’s thoughts. Changes to the work environment, being stuck at home for long periods and not having simple things like a holiday to look forward to, can all have a major impact on a person’s wellbeing. Our staff are no different.

It is arguably more important than ever for businesses such as ours to raise awareness around mental health and make accessibility to help as easy as possible. Credit Style understands how important it is to protect our colleagues and invest time and resources in their wellbeing. The recovery time associated with Mental Health conditions and the impact this can have on people’s lives can be significant, so it is best for both employees and the business that issues are identified and acted upon early.


Mental Health First Aiders

Credit Style has recently introduced Mental First Aid (MHFA) staff within the business and we regularly encourage our staff to take part in courses designed to expand understanding and knowledge on this subject. These courses see our employees learn how to identify traits in colleagues that might indicate they are struggling, how to approach the topic with them and the right way to provide support. They also include self-reflective modules designed to help staff recognise their own emotions and provide strategies to help manage a negative situation before it gets out of control.

Most important of all, these courses aim to remove the stigma around Mental Health and encourage anyone to speak out if they are having difficulties. We provided Mental Health Training for employees and managers at the start of lockdown last year and gained really good feedback with members of staff feeling this helpful advice around resilience and building a wellness action plan. We will continue to encourage more employees to become MHFA qualified as time progresses, ensuring every employee in the business has direct access to someone they can talk to should they ever need to.

One of our employees who recently became an MHFA is Jay Purshouse, he said, “I completed the MHFA course to be able to understand this topic more. Mental health is something I have personally suffered with for the past 10 years and it is something I am still recovering from. Being able to help others is the main reason I wanted to take part. When I completed the course, I was worried about how it would impact me and my recovery, however, it helped me learn new skills on how to cope and also be able to give others the platform to talk and get their feelings out. The course was fantastic and gives you so much information to be able to handle all situations you may come across.”


Beyond courses

We are keen to ensure our support in this area is ongoing and that good progress made on courses is not the only opportunity for boosting wellbeing. All employees across the Bristow & Sutor Group including those at Credit Style have access to the Health Assured Employee Assistance Programme. Health Assured is the UK and Ireland's largest award-winning EAP service, a suite of wellbeing tools that offer employees and their families a structured way to work through physical or mental health issues and financial difficulties. Support includes access to the My Healthy Advantage app and online portal, a comprehensive library of resources, access to a 24-hour helpline and both Telephone and face-to-face counselling opportunities; so staff may work through difficulties with a qualified therapist accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

Employees signed on to the B&S Group Perks discount scheme also benefit from hundreds of financial wellbeing offers from top high street retailers including ASOS, Sainsbury’s, Currys PC World, Cineworld, Hotels.com, John Lewis and many more. This year alone, members of staff have saved over £7,000.


Join us next time when we explain some of the reasons why apprenticeships are instrumental to our business.