About Credit Style Limited

Who We Are

Credit Style was established because its founders believed that increased customer focus, better and more flexible systems, and a can-do culture could deliver better results and increase client satisfaction.

This belief is proven now in the relationships and testimonials that exist and in the new relationships we are forming every day thanks to our reputation for hard work and strong performance.

At Credit Style we continually strive to do better and many of the enhancements we implement are developed from collaboration with our clients, feedback from their customers and the input of our staff. A true team effort.

How we can help you

Our experienced team of collectors and credit management professionals will enable you to focus internal resources on the priorities in your business.

All good processes need escalation points when fresh communication by a third party can quickly achieve the attention and co-operation of your customer. At Credit Style we work with our clients to understand their credit management processes and establish the right stage to introduce our services for maximum impact on recoveries.

We will work with you to understand the common queries that prevent payment and wherever possible we will equip our teams to resolve these directly. When it becomes necessary to consult with you to resolve a query we can communicate online, by email or by telephone according to your preference.

In addition to our real time case management portal management information and reporting is available to you routinely or on demand. Our client services team and software developers will design and build the reports you need to your specification to make sure we deliver information and not just data.

When customers refuse to co-operate our in-house legal team can issue county court proceedings and will advise you on the most effective enforcement methods to obtain payment and recover your costs.

Quality and compliance

At Credit Style we are proud to represent a wide range of clients and industries and we understand that reputation is a valuable asset that must be protected.

Our quality and compliance systems ensure we maintain the right balance between results and customer service. Where necessary these systems incorporate industry or statutory regulations and will support your own compliance systems with reporting and evidence as necessary.

Key elements of our quality and compliance systems are certified to ISO standards and we hold a consumer credit license regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for agreements formed under the Consumer Credit Act. We are also authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority with regards to the conduct of litigation services conducted by CST Law. We are members of the Civil Court Users Association and the Credit Services Association and have adopted their code of practice to set the minimum standards we work to achieve and maintain.