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How Credit Style assists financial transformation

April 2022

How Credit Style assists financial transformation

Lynne Mills, Director of Credit Management & Training Services Ltd, shares her experience of working with Credit Style and explains why good partnerships remain the foundation for industry success.

Over to Lynne…

My expertise is on the transactions side of business, helping companies undertake financial transformation. I get involved with anything and everything related to money coming in and going out, typically working with a client to improve their circumstance in three to six months (sometimes longer!). My goal is always to leave a company in a better situation than when I am introduced to them.

I am proud to have built a strong reputation for proven transformation and change. My record of achievements extends to all types of large organisations such as Biffa, Palmer & Harvey, University of Cumbria, Wincanton and even an airline in Malta. Credit Style has supported me with several of these cases and many other businesses over the years, providing solutions when I need them in both debt recovery and litigation.

How did this partnership begin?

I was first introduced to Credit Style through another Credit Manager around 15 years ago and connected with the business for debt recovery services. Typically, credit management specialists will engage with businesses like Credit Style to aid them in general chase activity and legal expertise, achieving an end-to-end service on high volume cases. Working with a firm that can provide solutions across recovery and legal makes it easy to upload and maintain important data, making any business that is consistently successful in both areas a very good partner to work with.

Some businesses have in-house litigation Teams supporting their Accounts Receivable activity but they do not usually have access to the same level of expensive software or the direct experience of specialist firms who are capable of handling high volume caseloads in a timely manner as a result of significant investment. Credit Style provides bespoke solutions designed to fulfil client needs both immediately and in future. My goal is to be as effective as possible in a finite amount of time, making the technology, skills and effectiveness of the businesses that support me an important part of the financial transformation process.

Why is this needed?

Nobody wants to litigate a customer and businesses would much sooner have a debtor pay them in instalments to solve an outstanding situation. Credit Style is very helpful in facilitating these conversations and sometimes their involvement as a third-party, offering independent understanding, knowledge and advice, is the catalyst for reaching a resolution. 90% of the time this is successful, but sometimes the courts are the only way a company can retrieve what they are owed. It is very useful therefore if the debt recovery specialists you work with also have legal skills in-house. Once a case is handed over to Credit Style, I know they can handle it no matter how the situation develops.

Credit Style has undoubtedly evolved across the time I have worked with them, growing steadily but never losing sight of their standards and delivery ambitions. Maintaining a steady ethos and approach through the years has given me full confidence in recommending them, as I know even when their technological advances and new intuitive software is rolled out, the implementation and mindset of the people behind the techniques remain consistently strong.

The benefits of longevity

The successful partnership I have experienced with Credit Style for well over a decade is proof that a consistent commitment to service is a foundation for long-term success. I cannot fault the business or any of its knowledgeable and well-trained people. They have assisted me many times over the years and in turn, assisted a multitude of clients who were in desperate need of recovering money that they were owed.

Recommendations I make reflect on my expertise and judgement, so I would never recommend a business if I did not believe 100% that they are good people who can and will deliver exceptional services. I have never had a concern recommending Credit Style to anyone and I look forward to our aligned services continuing to benefit others for many years to come.