Employee Profile

Telephone Negotiator

I joined Credit Style in 2011 and was instantly impressed by the company culture, support available and approach to work. Since moving to Sheffield from Ayr, Scotland, I had already begun working in the debt recovery industry, but I found roles to be purely focused on targets. This is of course an important aspect of debt recovery and there will always be an element of pressure in this respect, but Credit Style was notably different.

Rather than something to worry about, targets felt like something to aspire to and strive for. From day one, I was instilled with renewed confidence in my capabilities and now I truly believe you can accomplish anything you want to here, as long as you try your best and approach your job with the right mindset. My targets have grown and grown but I have always managed to reach them and fulfil my full potential. The attitude and ethos of Credit Style is designed to unlock potential and that has certainly been the case with me.

I have worked at businesses before that faced redundancies and uncertainty, so the stability that Credit Style has always maintained is very appealing.

My advice to anyone considering joining the business would be to think about what is important to you. You need to be driven and goal orientated, but if freedom to work your way and a long-term, stable and supportive work environment sounds appealing, you should not hesitate to get in touch!

Samera, Telephone Negotiator