Employee Profile

Collections Manager

Hi, my name is Debbie and I started working for Credit Style 7 years ago. I joined the company at a time when compliance was starting to really take off within our industry.  We saw compliance become one of the main priorities for our clients and I was given a brilliant opportunity to form and shape the SQ / Compliance team to what it is today.

To think that 7 years ago I started off with a monitoring form, I am both pleased and honoured that with the experience I brought with me, I was able to grow with the business and its clients to form a good solid foundation to provide regulators & our clients with the confidence that their business was in safe hands.

Over the years the SQ team has grown and we now have a fantastic team of people who continue with this work.

More recently I have been given an opportunity to move into a new role as one of the Collections Managers.  I oversee the new section to collections which is the Account Management Team and I now have 15 collectors who directly report to me.  The role is exciting and challenging and I will commit 100% to ensure its success.

The collections department has grown considerably over the years and this is credit to the hard work and commitment put in by everyone.

Debbie, Collections Manager