Field Services

Following the completion of office based collection activity and payment has not been made the traditional debt recovery approach is to issue legal action in order to affect a recovery. Using our long standing expertise in collection it has become clear that up to date customer centric knowledge is critical prior to issuing any form of legal action and as such we have developed a business debt, field visit recovery solution.

This service is usually instigated after office based collection activity has ceased but before legal action is commenced with a full visit report supplied confirming the outcome of each visit. No monies are collected at the customer premises with all cash collection agreements managed by our office based, field visit support teams.

Even if a payment or payment plan cannot be agreed our agents will gather extremely useful up to date data about each case which outlines the customers’ ability or in ability to pay the funds owed. By adopting this mediatory approach ensures, prior to any court action being commenced, every conceivable settlement option available has been explored and has therefore left no further option but to commence with legal action where appropriate or write off the balance due to the irreparable customer circumstances. In any event, the visit reports provided will support write off policy and create an audit trail for future external and internal audits.

The field visit services we supply can be utilised at any point in the collection cycle and can be entirely moulded to suit each client’s specific requirements.

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