Debt Counselling

Debt Counselling Services

Over many years we have developed a specialist motor finance collection team with a series of niche motor finance specialist solutions.

In the event that a motor finance agreement is in arrears regardless of whether it is regulated or unregulated, more or less than one third of the contract value has been paid or it is Hire Purchase or Personal Loan debt counselling is extremely successful in avoiding litigation and repossession by negotiating settlements.

Our specialist agents conduct debt counselling visits with care and absolute consideration to all customer circumstances. Once each visit has been completed a full visit report will be produced confirming the agreement made or based on merit, what the next appropriate course of action should be where payment or settlement is not achieved.

By adopting this type of activity rather than issuing expensive Return of Goods Orders has proven over many years to be a far more cost effective solution and more attentive to customer’s needs.


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